I guess I have finally improved this (for me and my weird brain) complicated skill! I have basically avoided webdesign, coding & co. during my design studies in Germany and Spain. It was much later – living in Nicaragua – where I set up my first wix- and wordpress sites for entrepreneurs abroad and small businesses in the tourist industry in Nicaragua and Colombia.
(some of them quite ok, some more or less good, some pretty crappy).

Check it out, “I got by (not high✌️) with a little help from my friends” … and live goes a much more professional website in terms of look, usability, purpose, content, responsive design and mobile-friendliness, load speeds, architecture & navigation than the ones I have made before. I have also laid the ground for search engine optimization (SEO).

Go to 👉 👉👉

Have the NICARAGUA TEAM REAL ESTATE and mastermind Paul Daemen find you a HOME IN PARADISE!

P.S. Thanks to my homie Sabri Karadayi (what? … you not on Facebook? why? how?) for so much help with this. ❤️😎

#webdesign #alleyewantgraphicdesign #sebastianandreas #nicaragua #realestate #nicaraguarealestateteam #granada

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